Walk: Boynton and Rudston

A long walk around the countryside of the East Yorkshire villages of Rudston and Boynton, just inland from Bridlington.

The Rudston monolith is viewable from this walk. At over 25 feet it is the tallest megalith in the United Kingdom. The monument dates to the Late Neolithic or Early Bronze Age. The many other prehistoric monuments in the area include four cursuses (ditches or trenches built between 3400 and 3000 BC), three of which appear to converge on the site of the monolith.

The Route

  • what3words for start point: ///ironclad.disco.outright
  • Start Point: Burton Agnes Balk, YO25 4UW. Please park considerately for local residents
  • Finish Point: Burton Agnes Balk
  • Distance: 6.5 Miles

GPX Route Map

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Walk Description

From wherever you have parked, head towards South Side Lane, and start to walk down the road. After a track to a barn on the left, the road becomes more of a track and can get fairly muddy. Follow this track as it heads alongside fields and eventually comes to a collection of trees.

Follow the track to the right, then to the left. The track then turns to the right, but here, follow the footpath straight ahead into the wood. The wood is at its narrowest point here, so you’ll be soon out on the other side. Follow the path to the right, to keep the wood on your right hand side. At the field boundary, turn left, following the path as it turns right at the next wood – which will be on your left hand side.

Soon, the path stops following alongside this wood and heads straight through it, only to leave vert shortly afterwards. Walk past the two solitary trees to a junction of paths. Carry on, heading towards the right slightly to meet a road, called Woldgate. Turn left, and walk along this old Roman Road. Keep walking until you see a public footpath sign pointing to the left.

Following this path between the fields to reach Home Farm. Go through the farm and cross over the footbridge, through the wood to reach the village of Boynton. Turn left at the first road and walk through the hedge-lined path into the field. Follow the clear line on the ground towards the wood in the far distance. Keeping the wood on your right, follow the line of the trees to reach a road. Turn right, and then left on the B1253.

Carefully follow the B1253, and just after the brick walls of a caravan park, there’s a footpath sign pointing to the left, with a protective fence around the exit. Follow the line of the path on the ground and soon this path becomes the road Eastgate. Continue to follow Eastgate to return to where you are parked.

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