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An interesting ramble taking in the historic town of Settle and the surrounding countryside into Giggleswick – all starting and finishing at The Golden Lion hotel.

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Walk Description

From The Golden Lion hotel, turn left down Duke Street, then turn right down Station Road. After crossing underneath the railway, turn right down Bond Lane and then left at the T-junction on to Kirkgate. On the bend to the right, turn left down Kings Mill Lane and follow this to the end. Turn right, and ignore two junctions to the left but then turn left at the yard gates to cross the River Ribble over the Giggleswick Memorial Bridge. Turn right and follow the made path until it meets the B6480. Cross over and turn right, then turn left immediately down the public footpath.

Follow this path along the side of the playing field and turn left when you reach the side of the river. This is now part of the Ribble Way and the Dales High Way. Follow the path as it turns left away from the river, and then almost straight away turns right through a field. Follow this clear path, over the boundaries of two fields, to eventually reach a road through a small wooden gate. Turn right and then go through the gate immediately on the left. Turn right and follow the line of the road for a while, and then follow the boundary of the field as it veers to the left.

Continue through the trees and turn left at the next junction of paths to walk between the two solo trees. Head towards the stile in the boundary wall and then once in the next field head for the gate almost straight ahead. In this field, follow the clear path on the ground as it zigzags upwards and make your way to the stile in the boundary ahead of you. Then, in the next field, the path pretty much follows the line of the right hand boundary – albeit a little way away from it. The path then crosses over the right hand boundary, turns left and then over another straight away.

In the next field, head straight across to the gate in the far boundary, following the clear path on the ground. Then, follow the boundary wall on your left, until it ends, and then keep on that same line to another gate. Follow the clear path on the ground until you see another clear path turning left and heading towards the boundary wall on your left. Turn left to follow this path to reach the boundary wall on your right. At the wall in front of you, take the stile and follow the boundary on your right all the way until it ends. You’ve turned right slightly by this point, and now roughly follow this line, guided by the path on the ground, to reach the far boundary. Veer right, diagonally across the field, keeping to the left of the building on the right, and head to the next stile.

In the next field, look around half way down the boundary on the left side for the stile to aim for. Now, veer diagonally to the right and head for the boundary wall on the right. When you’ve reached this, turn left and follow it until a wall stops your track. Look for the stile in the wall to your left, and take this. The path is clear on the ground in the next few fields, so don’t leave this path and keep the wood on your right hand side. Eventually, you’ll start to drop down slightly, and look for a path on the ground to the left – this is to avoid the quarry that is straight ahead. Go to the boundary wall and turn right – but follow the path which turns off to the right to follow the top of the quarry, not the boundary wall.

Enter the wood and follow the path down to the B6480. Turn right, cross over the road, and turn left down the road signed “Giggleswick School”. Follow this road all the way down until you see a public footpath sign pointing right for Craven Bank Lane. Take this path, which cuts across the green to reach a footbridge, then follow the boundary on your right and follow it around to the left. Go through the hedgerow to reach Craven Bank Lane, and turn left, following the road until you cross over a stream. Turn right here, but go straight into the field, not over the little footbridge to the right. Follow the clear path to exit the first field to the right of the line of trees. Arrive back at The Golden Lion.

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