Thixendale, Wharram Percy and the Yorkshire Wolds Walk

in Thixendale

Walk the deserted medieval village of Wharram Percy in the Yorkshire Wolds.

Thixendale, Wharram Percy and the Yorkshire Wolds

Walk Route

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Walk Description

The lovely village of Thixendale lies hidden away amongst the folds of the Yorkshire Wolds, a range of low hills and deep valleys that cut down into the underlying chalk. Dry grassy valleys, grazed by sheep and cows, are a characteristic feature of the Yorkshire Wolds. From Thixendale, paths and tracks lead across Water Dale, Vessey Pasture Dale and Deep Dale, passing numerous prehistoric earthworks, to reach the deserted medieval village of Wharram Percy.

The rural landscape of Britain is scattered with deserted medieval villages, but Wharram Percy is amongst the most famous and best preserved. These villages were deserted for many reasons, such as the Black Death, population change and conflict, however, the lords of Wharram Percy cleared its inhabitants in the 15th and 16th Centuries to make way for sheep pastures, as pastoral farming was more profitable than people! It is a thought-provoking place to explore.

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