Walk: The Lister Arms, Malham

in Malham

Venture out into the lesser-visited side of the Malham countryside, topping it off with a recharge at The Lister Arms.

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The Route

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Walk Description

Starting at The Lister Arms, turn left down Finkle Street, then immediately left again to follow the Pennine Way. After a short while, look for a footpath on the left, and turn down that path. This exits on Cove Road, where you find the public footpath straight across and carry on down that. At the end, ignore the farm access on the left, but veer to the left and then turn right to walk down the track. Follow the track around to the right, and then at the fork in the tracks, veer to the right and follow it until the dual walled track opens into a field. Follow the clear path on the ground to reach Cove Road.

Turn right and then take the first footpath on the left into the field. Head to the gate in the wall to the left, and go into the next field. Ahead, there are three trees – head to the right of the middle tree to the stile, then take the stile in the wall slightly to your right. Ahead across this field, finding the stile again slightly to your right. Head across two more fields, finding the stiles in the walls as you go. In the next field, just walk slightly to your right away from the road, which is on your left and you’ll find another stile in the wall. Here, walk straight ahead to the corner and then turn left to follow a wall on your right.

This reaches Cove Road again, by a cattle grid. Cross over the road and take the footpath straight ahead. The footpath follows the line of the wall, but you can take the track off to the left if you wish. Just after the wall, the tracks split, and here, turn left. Follow this track into three fields and then alongside a wall on the left. At the junction of paths, turn left and follow the clear track.

Just as the landscape gets rather rocky on the right hand side, find the clear path on the ground to turn right, and find the stile in the wall coming in on the left. Follow the clear path on the ground to eventually walk with a wall on your left. Follow this line to the gate in the wall ahead, then continue on, to head for the barn straight ahead. Go through the gate and to the right after the trees, to see a road ahead. Take the stile and join the road, as it turns to the right and eventually meets up with the track split from earlier in the walk, where you went right, instead of left. Now retrace your steps back into Malham to The Lister Arms.

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