Ria Lina is coming to Yorkshire

in Halifax in Richmond in Scarborough in Selby in Sheffield

Ria Lina’s “Riawakening” tour will be coming to Yorkshire in 2024. The tour is set to grace the stage at dates across the region from April 2024 and lasts until July​.

For fans in Yorkshire, this is a fantastic opportunity to catch Ria Lina live, showcasing her unique blend of humor and insightful commentary, honed through her experiences as both a comedian and a scientist in the aftermath of a global pandemic.

Interview – Ria’s take on visiting Yorkshire

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We asked the comic and TV regular what’s best about visiting up North:

Where’s your favourite place to visit in Yorkshire?

OK, let’s be honest. Yorkshire is gorgeous. You know it is. I think visiting Yorkshire is like going to a spa, the moment you arrive you feel calmer, and anything else is just bonus. I’m a massive fan of historical and particularly Georgian architecture, and I get that everytime I visit places like Harrogate. But places like Calderdale, including Piece Hall in Halifax or Hebden Bridge – just gorgeous. Did I say that already?

Do you have a favourite place to eat in Yorkshire?

I am a MASSIVE fan of the cream tea, and even if Devon and Cornwall are best known for fighting over it, Yorkshire really knows how to deliver one with class. My tour manager is from New Zealand and has never had one – so if readers have suggestions please tell me! I will happily have one in every place I tour, and I’m doing quite a few in Yorkshire (Halifax, Selby, Richmond, Scarborough, Pocklington, Barton Upon Humber, Sheffield). I am ready run on finger sandwiches and clotted cream, just ideally no raisins in the scones please?

Have you ever travelled to Yorkshire for sport – if so, tell us a bit about those visits?

For sport? Is that where people get muddy on purpose? Sometimes while chasing a sphere only to kick it away from them once they catch it? Noooo I have never travelled to do that. I think that’s insane. Would you drive your new car around the block once a day to pass its MOT? Of course not, cause that’s crazy; it would just run the car down over time. Well, that’s how I feel about exercise.

What sort of accommodation do you prefer to stay in when on the road with work?

I mean who doesn’t prefer a 5 star hotel with a jacuzzi bath? But actually, I have been specifically looking for small family owned properties to stay in on this trip. We stayed at the lovely Osprey Meadow Cottages in Exelby when I was playing in Northallerton and it was wonderful. They had chickens and ducks running around – fresh eggs available every morning. We also bought a dozen to take with us they were so good! Even if you live in the area, I would recommend you pop over for some eggs. The brightest yolks you’ll find!

Will you get a chance to go sightseeing while in Yorkshire? Anything in particular you’d like to see?

I have wanted to visit Malham – and Malham Cove – for ages. The pictures look amazing and I love a good walk. If I could get a farmhouse booking in Malham, fresh eggs for breakfast, a walk to the Cove and then back for afternoon tea – perfect day! (As long as it doesn’t rain!)

While fans wait for your dates in Yorkshire, where can they hear from you?

All my tour dates are listed on my website: rialina.com – including the many many Yorkshire dates. I am actually visiting Yorkshire on this tour more than any other area, and with good reason. Looking forward to seeing you at a show. Thanks!

Ria’s Tour Dates

If you are interested in attending, it’s advisable to get your tickets early to secure a spot at these hotly anticipated dates:

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