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The business landscape of Wakefield has recently witnessed the emergence of its first-ever Top 100 Companies list, a celebration of the district’s economic dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit. This pivotal list not only highlights the top performers in the region but also emphasizes Wakefield’s role as a thriving hub for innovation and growth.

Wakefield-based Card Factory PLC came in first position.

At the forefront is Card Factory PLC, which has clinched the top spot, symbolizing its pivotal role in the retail sector.

Celebrating Business Excellence

Wakefield-based Card Factory PLC leads the charge as the district’s top company for 2024/25, followed closely by video game giant Team17 Group PLC and the popular confectioner Haribo UK, under its corporate banner Dunhills (Pontefract) PLC. This ranking underscores the diverse industrial landscape of Wakefield, which ranges from retail to gaming and food production.

The initiative, introduced by Wakefield Council in collaboration with the University of Huddersfield and the 3M Buckley Innovation Centre, aims to promote regional businesses and foster an environment conducive to business expansion and investment.

The official unveiling of the list was held at the innovative Tileyard North Wakefield, attended by luminaries from the top 100 businesses and key regional stakeholders.

Driving Economic Growth and Innovation

Wakefield Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Growth, Cllr Michael Graham, expressed enthusiasm about the district’s business achievements. He emphasized the council’s commitment to enhancing the economic wellbeing of residents through supportive measures for local enterprises. This approach is reflected in the Economic Wellbeing Strategy, which sets ambitious goals for local economic development over the next five years.

The University of Huddersfield’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Tim Thornton, highlighted the list’s role in nurturing local talent and creating career opportunities for graduates. Similarly, Sue Cooke, CEO of the 3M Buckley Innovation Centre, praised the innovative spirit of Wakefield’s businesses, which span both traditional industries rooted in the district’s rich heritage and newer sectors pointing towards a bright future.

Highlighting Success Across the Spectrum

The ranking criteria for the Wakefield Top 100 Companies list are robust, utilizing a mixture of turnover, profit, employee numbers, and growth metrics drawn from publicly available company accounts. This ensures a balanced representation of both large corporations and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) like Hague Print Media Supplies Limited, which received the Highest Placed SME award.

Spectrum Community Health CIC, ranked 46th, serves as an exemplar of a company aligning with the new strategy by offering clear career pathways and committing to inclusive employment practices.

Top Performers in Detail

The official top 10 list reveals a microcosm of Wakefield’s industrial diversity. From Card Factory’s dominance in the greeting card market to Team17’s innovative contributions to the gaming world, and Haribo UK’s sweet success in confectionery, each company contributes uniquely to the economic tapestry of the district.

Others like Newly Weds Foods and Teva UK highlight Wakefield’s strength in food production and pharmaceuticals, respectively. The presence of companies such as DIY Kitchens and Easy Bathrooms showcases the district’s prowess in retail and consumer goods.

Final Points

The Wakefield Top 100 Companies list not only celebrates current successes but also sets a benchmark for future economic achievements in the region. It stands as a testament to Wakefield’s vibrant business environment and its capacity to attract and nurture businesses across a spectrum of industries.

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