Walk: Scammonden Reservoir

in Huddersfield

An accessible wander around the Scammonden Reservoir, lodged between Worts Hill and Moselden Height near Huddersfield, in the shadow of the mighty M62 motorway.

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The Route

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Walk Description

From the Wood Edge car park, nearest to the M62, walk towards the motorway and head through the gap in the fence onto a surfaced path. When the path forks, it doesn’t matter which one you pick, just follow it until you reach a fairly steep downhill path. Follow this path as it zig-zags down to just before the water’s edge.

The path levels out, and then you turn left onto a permissive Yorkshire Water path running alongside the reservoir. Follow this for around half the length of the reservoir until you reach the sailing club.

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During construction of Scammonden Reservoir, the village of Deanhead was submerged and many buildings were demolished. Scammonden now holds a massive 7.8 billion litres of water.

The path starts to rise to the left and goes through a gate. The path then meets another track coming down the hill on the left. Follow the path turning left down to the sailing club access road.

Turn left on the access road and then turn first right to drop down towards the waterfront Near the bottom of the slope, turn left close to the high-water line and follow the path to the head of the reservoir passing through two gates which are close to each other.

The path splits here, and you take the right-hand path, crossing a bridge to continue around the reservoir. After the bridge, follow the path on your left until you reach a tarmac ramp, just before the motorway. Veer right and follow the track with the fence on your right hand side over the dam embankment.

At the end of the dam, retrace your steps up the zig-zag path to the car park. On the way home, why not take the Scammonden Road at Moselden Height (pictured below).

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