Walk: Cullingworth Circular

in Bradford

A lovely walk around the Cullingworth landscape, with some impressive rises and falls to make the heart pump and seeing a reservoir and an old railway viaduct on the way. Located halfway between Bradford and Haworth.

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The Route

  • Start Point: Hallas Lane, off Cullingworth Rd, Cullingworth, Bradford BD13 5BG
  • Finish Point: Hallas Lane, off Cullingworth Rd, Cullingworth, Bradford BD13 5BG
  • Distance: 6 Miles

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Walk Description

From your parking spot at the top of Hallas Lane, walk down this unmade road away from Cullingworth Road, so the houses are on your left. As Greenside Lane branches off to the left, continue down Hallas Lane, which is veering off the right. Carry on past the farm cottages on the left and into the wooded area to cross over Hallas Beck and then turn left. Continue in Little Ridge Wood keeping the beck on your left and following the clear main path into Goitstock Wood.

The path turns sharp right and then sharp left, to roughly follow the edge of the wood. Follow this around to the right to eventually come out on Harden Lane. Turn left and walk inside the garden centre car park for a short while, until you see a footpath on the other side of the road, opposite the car entrance to the car park. Cross over the road, and take the footpath over the stile. Cross over Wilsden Beck into the wood, and turn right to take the clear path through the wood.

As you emerge from the wood, signs point to the left for the Millennium Way. Ignore these and carry on straight along the boundary of the fields to reach a track. Turn left and follow the access road for the farm, turning left on the bridleway as you enter a wood, and emerge onto Smithy Lane. Turn left and follow the road down to Main Street. Turn left again and then right down Chapel Row. Follow this to turn right onto Tan House Lane, and follow this until you run out of road. Continue on the footpath, called Nab Lane and it eventually brings you out onto Bents Lane. Turn right onto Bents Lane and then follow it around until there’s a hidden footpath on the left immediately after the last house.

Take this, squeezing through the wall, and follow the boundary down to the wood. Turn left at the wood and follow the boundary until the path enters the wood, and then exits it straight onto the B6144 Lane Side. Be careful here as the footpath drops straight onto the road – there is no pavement. Looking to your right across the road, you will see the footpath sign ahead, and carefully cross to drop down onto this footpath. Follow roughly the line of Hewenden Beck to eventually walk between two walls underneath the Hewenden Viaduct. On the other side, the path clearly veers to the left, then following the boundary on your left, veers to the right of a house to pick up an access road. Turn left then look out for a public footpath sign on the right.

Tale this path over the reservoir’s embankment and then turn right along another access road. When this road runs out, continue on the path. Take the next public footpath on the right, and after going between the trees, follow the boundary of the fields with the reservoir on your right. Eventually the path leads to an access road for a farm – pass through the farm to reach Cullingworth Road. Turn left to return to where you parked.

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