Walk: Farnley Hey and Castle Hill

in Huddersfield

A wonderfully exhilarating walk across the countryside to the south east of Huddersfield.

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The Route

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  • Start Point: Bus stops on Ashes Lane / Longley Lane, Huddersfield HD4 6TE
  • Finish Point: HD4 6TE
  • Distance: 4 Miles

GPX Route Map

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Walk Description

From either of the two bus stops on Ashes Lane, walk away from the side road of Longley Lane, and turn left down Clough Hall Lane. Walk all the way down the lane and turn left at the stile. Follow the hedgerow on the right and when the gate into the next field shows on the right, continue straight ahead with a wall on the right and tidy hedgerow on the left. Follow the boundary of the fields until you join a snicket which leads to Wheatroyd Lane.

Turn right and follow Wheatroyd Lane almost to its end, where you’ll see a gap in the well-maintained hedges on the left. Take this and follow the clear path around the edge of the trees to reach an access road for a house. Turn right and walk all the way down this access road until you reach Lumb Lane. Turn left here, and then right at the junction with Sharp Lane.

Carefully follow Sharp Lane, as there isn’t a pavement, and follow it as it becomes Bank Foot Road. Just after crossing Lumb Dike on a bridge, turn right down an access road clearly marked with a public footpath sign. Take the clear through route between the various buildings, and follow this visible path through the trees and into the wood.

Go through the wood, and when you emerge, turn left to follow the boundary of the fields, keeping to the left of the hedgerow when it appears. Pass through the trees at right angles, and continue to follow the boundary of the fields, until a diagonal path is visible crossing the field on the right side of the boundary.

Join the access road at Fernley Hay, and around half way down it, turn right following the public footpath sign into the field. Follow the clearly defined path through the field, which passes between three trees before turning slightly to the right. Follow this path into the next field and then head to the right. As the access road turns to the left, turn right down the public footpath between walls. At the junction of paths, go left slightly and continue to follow the wall on the right in a heading taking you to the right of Castle Hill.

Eventually, you reach Lumb Lane over a stile. Here, turn left and follow the road around the side of the castle past the laybe on the left. Turn right and climb the steps to the top of the hill to look at the impressive castle tower.

Head past into the car park, then turn right down the access road, and then left down either of the paths off the access road. At the junction of paths, turn right and head to the left of the collection of trees, and then follow the boundary of the fields to reach a lane, which eventually returns you to Clough Hall Lane. Turn left, walk up the lane, then turn right to head back to the bus stops.

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