View of Aurora Borealis from Scarborough

in North York Moors in Yorkshire Dales

The epitome of every Yorkshire stargazer’s efforts, the Aurora Borealis are occasionally visible from Northern England.

Dark Skies Festival

The best season for stargazing is imminent and the local Dark Skies Reserves are celebrating with a Dark Skies Festival 21st – 30th October 2022. There will be events in the North York Moors National Park and the Yorkshire Dales National Park, covering astronomy, photography and nocturnal wildlife.

Go Stargazing

Offering guided stargazing events, Astro Dog (Nicole and Simon) will be helping visitors get the most from the night sky from 21st October:

Account of the Aurora from Scarborough

Stargazing tour operators, AstroDog, shared this wonderful account of photographing the Aurora Borealis from Scarborough:

We ventured out at 1am following watching the live feed of NASAs DART mission given there was a possibility of aurora and we were treated to the most incredible display. Prior to this there was heavy rain all down the coast, but thankfully it cleared up by this point, only leaving the strong gails of wind. This is one of our images of the Aurora Borealis AKA the Nothern Lights that we captured from Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

Simon & Nicole, AstroDog
Image name aurora boreali scarborough astrodog simon nicole the 1 image from the post View of Aurora Borealis from Scarborough in
Captured at around 02:30 27/09/22

Initially there was aurora there, but at around 2.30am the aurora came to life, stepping it up to another level. The Aurora was dancing and there were arcs, rays and distinct pillars visible to the naked eye. We could see them dancing gracefully across the Northern horizon. Stretching up high towards the Plough, we could even see the colours to the naked eye.

We are dedicated aurora chasers and head out at every opportunity. This was easily one of the best displays we’ve ever witnessed in the UK in several years of chasing the lights. Absolutely breath taking.

We were very excited. After many years of chasing the lights, this was certainly up there with the top two displays we’ve witnessed outside of the Arctic Circle.

Simon & Nicole, AstroDog

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