Utley, West Yorkshire

Welcome to Utley, a charming village located in West Yorkshire. This quaint locale is steeped in history and offers a unique blend of rural tranquility and easy access to urban amenities. With its picturesque landscapes, historic buildings, and friendly community, Utley provides an authentic taste of West Yorkshire’s countryside living. Whether you’re a history buff, nature lover, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, Utley has something to offer every visitor.

Fact Pack – Utley, West Yorkshire

  1. Utley is a small village located in West Yorkshire, England.
  2. It is situated approximately 1.2 miles north of Keighley.
  3. The village is part of the civil parish of Keighley.
  4. Utley is known for its rural setting with a mix of farmland and residential areas.
  5. It is home to the Utley Cemetery, which is one of the main burial grounds in the area.
  6. The village has a local cricket club, Utley Cricket Club, which is part of the Craven and District Cricket League.
  7. Utley has a rich history, with many of its buildings dating back to the 19th century.
  8. The village is served by a number of bus routes, providing connections to Keighley and other nearby towns.
  9. Utley is home to several pubs, including the Roebuck Inn and the Royal Oak.
  10. The village also has a primary school, Utley Primary School, which serves the local community.

Utley, West Yorkshire, on the map

FAQs About Utley, West Yorkshire

Where is Utley located?

Utley is located in West Yorkshire, a county in the northern part of England.

What is Utley, West Yorkshire known for?

Utley is a small, peaceful village known for its beautiful countryside views and historic buildings. It’s a great place for those who enjoy outdoor activities and tranquility.

How can I get to Utley, West Yorkshire?

The easiest way to get to Utley is by car or train. The nearest train station is Keighley, which is just a short drive away. From there, you can take a taxi or local bus to reach Utley.

Where Next after Utley, West Yorkshire?

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