Walk: Allerthorpe Woods

in Allerthorpe in Pocklington

A beautiful woodland dominated by pine trees with multiple trails and walks to follow just near Pocklington, gateway to the Wolds.

Allerthorpe Common

The Route

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  • Start Point: Allerthorpe
  • Finish Point: Allerthorpe
  • Distance: 2 Miles

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Walk Description

Starting this stroll to the west of the woods where there is car parking on Common Lane you enter a wonderful world of pine woodland. The smell of the trees is a beautiful accompaniment to the fabulous setting of this hidden gem. There is wildlife galore in area with sightings of woodpeckers very common but keep you eyes peeled and you may spot an adder or two in the undergrowth. There are many paths to take but we’d recommend heading eastwards and strolling around, discovering the place for yourself at your own pace.

Easy and Fun Walk Through Allerthorpe Woods

Walk Description

Ready for a fun walk in the woods? Head over to Common Lane where there’s a car park, and step right into a world full of tall pine trees. You’ll love the fresh, piney smell that fills the air. It’s like the trees are saying hello!

This woodsy spot is not just pretty—it’s full of animals! You might hear the tap-tap-tap of a woodpecker, or even spot one if you’re lucky. Keep your eyes wide open and you might even see an adder snake slithering in the bushes.

Wondering where to go? There are lots of paths, but we think it’s best to head towards the east. Don’t rush! Take your time to wander and explore. Find your own special spots in this amazing outdoor treasure.

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