Visit Reeth - Beautiful Former Lead Mining Town

Reeth is a pretty centre at the heart of upper Swaledale, where you’ll find a host of amenities surrounding a beautiful village green and cobbled marketplace, set amidst the backdrop of rolling fields and stunning moorland.

From Reeth, the road splits with one running up the ‘beautiful Dale’ of Swaledale eventually towards the North West of England, or you can take the route North via Arkengarthdale towards Barnard Castle and the A66.

Reeth is a charming village that offers visitors a true taste of rural England. One of the most appealing aspects of Reeth is its stunning natural surroundings. The village is surrounded by rolling hills, lush green fields, and babbling brooks, making it an ideal location for hiking, cycling, and other outdoor activities.

Visitors can explore the nearby lead mining ruins to learn about the area’s fascinating history, or simply relax in one of the village’s cozy pubs and enjoy a pint of locally brewed ale. Whatever your interests, Reeth is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Discover Reeth

A natural amphitheatre, surrounded by spectacular scenery and stunning panoramas, Reeth was championed by Ella Pontefract, one of the Yorkshire Dale’s most esteemed authors as “a little country in itself.” This quirky Saxon settlement had a huge voice in the domestic economy and is best known for its extensive contribution to England’s lead industry – (in its heyday Reeth was producing over 10% of the country’s lead), as a result it is regularly referred to as the capital of Swaledale.

Keep your eyes out for the annual Swaledale Festival which is a two week festival of music and arts based in the two most northerly of the Yorkshire Dales, Swaledale and Wensleydale.


While Reeth is a solid day trip from the more popular cities like Leeds and York, if it’s tranquillity and rugged beauty you’re yearning, the area around Reeth in Swaledale is an ideal place to base yourself, as there are several great local pubs and restaurants, as well as a handy convenience store. Ever popular with walkers, Reeth has a range of good accommodation options.

Also see B&B options in Reeth.

Alpine Cottages No. 4

Reeth, DL11 6TN, United Kingdom

The Little Barn

Rear Silver Street sn, Reeth, DL11 6SP, United Kingdom

Ivy Cottage Bed & Breakfast

Richmond, Reeth, DL11 6SF, United Kingdom


Mill Lane, Reeth, DL11 6QX, United Kingdom

Black Bull Hotel

High Row Reeth, Reeth, DL11 6SZ, United Kingdom


Bellegreen, Reeth, DL11 6TH, United Kingdom

Facts About Reeth

  1. Reeth is a village located in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.
  2. The village has a population of around 700 people.
  3. Reeth was historically a centre for lead mining and agriculture.
  4. The village is situated on the Coast to Coast Walk, a popular long-distance footpath.
  5. Reeth has a weekly market on Fridays, selling local produce and crafts.
  6. The village has a number of pubs, cafes and shops catering to tourists.
  7. The nearby Swaledale Museum showcases the history and culture of the area.
  8. Reeth is surrounded by stunning scenery, including rolling hills and picturesque valleys.
  9. The village hosts an annual agricultural show, featuring livestock competitions and other events.
  10. Reeth is a popular destination for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and fishing.

Reeth on the Map

Reeth is the largest town in upper Swaledale, and can be reached from the East by following the beautiful B6270 from Richmond. From the North, you drop into Reeth from the wild beauty of Arkengarthdale, passing Tan Hill and the CB Inn on the way from the A66.

To the South, you can head through Grinton and over Grinton Moor to Leyburn.

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FAQs about Reeth

What is Reeth best known for?

Reeth’s primary industry and contribution to the UK was lead mining. The area around Reeth was responsible for over 10% of the UK’s lead, when the industry was in full swing.

Which dale is Reeth in?

Reeth lies in Swaledale, and sits at the foot of Arkengarthdale which drains into Swaledale at Reeth.

What are some popular activities to do in Reeth?

Visitors to Reeth can enjoy hiking and cycling in the surrounding countryside, exploring local museums and galleries, and sampling traditional Yorkshire cuisine at the village’s pubs and restaurants.

What is the best time of year to visit Reeth?

The best time to visit Reeth depends on your interests and preferences. Summer is a popular time for outdoor activities and events, while autumn offers stunning foliage and quieter crowds. Winter can be a magical time to visit, with the possibility of snow and cozy fireside evenings.

Where Next After Reeth

Reeth lies up-stream of Grinton and Fremington in Swaledale. A fork in the road takes you over past the CB Inn and Tan Hill Inn, to the A66 beyond, or offers a scenic drive to Barnard Castle. Alternatively you can meander up dale to the delights of Upper Swaledale, or travel down dale to the brighter lights of Richmond. Here, visitors can explore the historic castle, stroll along the River Swale, and browse the independent shops and galleries.

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