A nature reserve, marina, canal and river in Leeds!

in Leeds

As a family with small children, we love walks that offer a bit of everything, with lots to see and explore. One of the main reasons that I wanted to suggest this place to all you walk-lovers, is that it’s such a great example of the diverse environment in Leeds. Families don’t need to travel to the Yorkshire wilderness to enjoy some fantastic nature and beautiful walking.

Lemonroyd Marina, is in Woodlesford to the South East of Leeds City Centre. It’s one of our regular places to visit with our children, who can enjoy a walk down to Woodlesford Lock (to meet the Guffalo) or cross the River Aire to take a circular route around RSPB St Aidan’s, with up to 12km of trails as well as the transpennine trail. In dry weather the tracks are great for pushchairs, but be aware that they can get a little muddy in places. Read about walking from Lemonroyd Marina here.

South Leeds Mumbler is a website that provides loads of ideas and support for local parents; everything from children’s classes to days out and activities when your stuck at home. We’ve got loads of walks around South, East and West Leeds for families with children to enjoy, have a look at all our suggestions here.

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