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Address: Sutton Park, Sutton-on-the-forest, Easingwold, North Yorkshire, YO61 1DP

Phone: +44 01347 810249


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Situated in the serene village of Sutton-on-the-Forest, Sutton Park stands as a distinguished example of Early Georgian architecture. This historic property, once akin to Buckingham House before it became Buckingham Palace, is more than just a stately Yorkshire home; it is a repository of culture and history preserved by the Sheffield family since the 1960s.

The Architecture of Sutton Park

Sutton Park was built in the early 18th century, embodying the grandeur and elegance of Early Georgian architecture. The house features magnificent plasterwork, a hallmark of the era, which rivals the ornate details found in the early stages of Buckingham Palace. The influence of Lady Sheffield is evident in the meticulous restoration efforts that have maintained the estate’s architectural integrity over the centuries.

Gardens and Grounds

The expansive grounds and gardens of Sutton Park expresses the estate’s commitment to natural beauty. The formal gardens, designed with precision and care, feature a rich collection of flora that offers an amazing display throughout the seasons. Visitors are often captivated by the tranquil woodland walks, which are punctuated by historic statues and water features, creating a peaceful retreat within North Yorkshire.

Public Access and Events

Sutton Park is not only a private residence but also a vibrant cultural venue that offers guided tours and hosts private parties. The opening dates for public access are typically announced in early spring, allowing visitors to explore the lavish interiors and well-kept grounds. The estate is an ideal location for hosting elegant gatherings, supported by the legacy of Mrs. Sheffield and her impeccable taste.

Cultural Significance

Over the years, Sutton Park has grown to represent more than just an architectural milestone; it is a cultural emblem for York and North Yorkshire. The Sheffield family has hosted numerous events that foster community engagement and celebrate local heritage. From art exhibitions to craft fairs, Sutton Park provides a picturesque backdrop that enhances every occasion.

Photography and Art

For artists and photographers, Sutton Park offers endless inspiration. The estate’s rich collection of furniture and art, coupled with its stunning architectural features and vibrant gardens, makes it a favored subject for visual artistry. Photography workshops and art shows are regular occurrences, allowing creative minds to capture and reinterpret the essence of this historic site.

Final Points

Sutton park is not just a journey through time; it’s a continuous celebration of art, architecture, and nature. Whether you are drawn by the history of Sir Reginald Sheffield and his family, the architectural beauty of the house, or the simple joy of a day spent wandering through lush gardens, a visit to Sutton Park promises to be an enriching experience. Remember to check the opening dates and plan your visit to this fine example of North Yorkshire’s heritage.

Important Dates

The Gardens will be open in 2024 on the following dates:

Saturday 4th – Monday 6th May inclusive.

Monday 1st July – Saturday 31st August inclusive.

The House will be open in 2024 for guided tours (only) at 1:30pm and 2:45pm on the following dates:

Saturday 4th – Monday 6th May inclusive.

Thursday 1st August – Saturday 31st August inclusive.

Admission Fees (Cash only please)

Ticket Office open from 11am on House Opening Days only.

There is no online booking facility so please email or ring to reserve places on our guided tours of the House.

House & Garden
Admission £15.00
Children under 16 Free
Private Tours £20.00 per person (Minimum 10)

Gardens Only
Admission £10.00
Children under 16 Free

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