Top 10 Airsports Experiences

Yorkshire’s great outdoors – from above

Yorkshire’s great outdoors looks even greater from above. Not to mention exhilarating too. So if you’ve got a head for heights this is the perfect place to soar, loop, glide or simply float.

Adrenalin Experiences

For more experienced paragliders, wild and windswept West Yorkshire is a dream. Try Buckstones Edge on Marsden Moor. This dramatic location, with its magnificent views and drop-off, is an ideal paragliding and hang gliding jump off point and cruise the heights above beautiful moorland.

Fancy jumping off terra firma with a paragliding wing above your head and small propeller engine strapped to your back? With a course from AXB Sports you could be doing just that in no time. As the cheapest form of powered flight, and one of the most exciting, paramotoring is a fantastic way to see our county.

If you’re not quite ready to make the jump alone, try a tandem skydive, with that final push left in the safe hands of your instructor. Experience the sheer buzz from freefalling for up to a minute from 10,000ft before the parachute is released and you slowly glide to the ground. Just sit back and enjoy the sights.

Above the Clouds

Try gliding over Sutton Bank, the ultimate free flying experience with amazing views of the North York Moors National Park. Go to a try out session or attend a full week’s course.

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Or take to the skies in a hot air balloon above Yorkshire and let the breeze carry you along. Get the buzz as your balloon lifts off in dawn’s still air or during the calm of early evening, with a chance to experience breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. Enjoy the patchwork landscapes as you fly over fields, woodlands and some of the county’s most impressive scenery, definitely one of the best ways to view Yorkshire’s vast landscapes.

Go Fly a (Power) Kite

For something a little more fast and furious, experienced power kiters will find some great spots with ideal wind and wave conditions. Bridlington’s breezy beach is a favourite, great in winter as it is often windier and the beach is quieter so you have even more room to scud around on your kite buggy.

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