The Esplanade Hotel

in Scarborough

Address: Belmont Road, Scarborough, YO11 2AA, United Kingdom

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Elegantly poised atop the scenic clifftop, The Esplanade Hotel unveils a panoramic tapestry of Scarborough’s enchanting bay, presenting itself as an idyllic base from which explorers can unearth the manifold treasures hidden within this quaint corner of Yorkshire.

Whether serenading your family with a holiday sprinkled with cherished memories, whisking away your partner for a tranquil seaside weekend, or embarking on a heartening walking adventure with your four-legged friend, The Esplanade extends a warm Yorkshire welcome as the commencement of your splendid journey. With the vibrancy of Scarborough and its myriad attractions merely footsteps away, and the famed Cleveland Way and the resplendent Yorkshire countryside almost within reach, the hotel’s affable team eagerly awaits to curate your adventures through bespoke suggestions, ensuring your experiences beautifully encapsulate the essence of this bewitching coastal town.

A Fusion of Comfort, Culinary, and Panoramic Delights

  • Cosy Abodes with Mesmerising Views: The Esplanade offers an enclave of comfortable bedrooms, with select abodes boasting some of the town’s most unparalleled sea views, meticulously designed to cradle you in both comfort and awe.
  • Gastronomic and Social Pleasures: The hotel, renowned for its exquisite Afternoon Teas and tranquil drinks on the terrace, invites both its cherished residents and welcoming non-residents to indulge in its culinary offerings. Revel in delightful meals at the restaurant, enjoy spirited beverages at the bar, or simply bask in the relaxed ambience of this classic British seaside hotel, all whilst the panoramic views whisper tales of the expansive ocean and distant horizons.
  • Spaces Imbued with Possibilities: With a variety of flexible meeting and event spaces, The Esplanade emerges as a versatile choice, sculpting your events and gatherings with a backdrop of scenic elegance.

Accessible, Pet-Friendly, and Thoughtfully Curated

  • Inclusive Accessibility: Ensuring all travellers can bask in its charm, the hotel proudly offers disabled access, crafting a comfortable and convenient experience for all.
  • A Home for You and Your Pet: With pets warmly welcomed, every member of your exploration team, even the furry ones, will find a home here.
  • Connectivity and Convenience: Complement your stay with Wi-Fi and cherish the convenience of on-site parking, as every detail is thoughtfully orchestrated to enhance your sojourn.
  • Culinary Mornings: Begin your mornings with a sumptuous Full English Breakfast, a perfect preamble for your adventures ahead. Yum yum.

Proximity to Adventures and Scenic Serenity

The Esplanade Hotel, not merely a residence, but a gateway to explorations, sits above cliffs that gracefully overlook Scarborough and the alluring south bay. A mere 10-minute wander brings you to the nearest beach, while the bustling Scarborough town centre waits to greet you a further 5 minutes away. Couples, in particular, find a romantic escape here, rating the location a notable 8.8 for a two-person journey. With a history of welcoming explorers for many years, the hotel has become a beloved retreat for many, evidenced by its myriad loyal customers who often find themselves returning, time and again, to this haven by the sea.

Allow The Esplanade Hotel to weave itself into your Scarborough tales, where every stay is enfolded with warm welcomes, scenic serenity, and moments destined to be treasured in your travel memories.

Highlighted Features of The Esplanade Hotel

  • Spectacular Seaside Views:
    • Perched atop the clifftops with sweeping views over Scarborough’s bay and castle
    • Exclusive opportunities to savour mesmerising sunrises and sunsets from the property
  • Ideal Base for Varied Explorations:
    • Perfect starting point for adventures in Scarborough and the enchanting Yorkshire countryside
    • Proximity to notable attractions and landscapes, such as the Cleveland Way
  • Accommodating to All Travellers:
    • Offering cosy, well-appointed rooms, some boasting unparalleled sea vistas
    • Pet-friendly, ensuring four-legged companions can join in on the getaway
    • Thoughtful disabled access to cater to all guests’ needs and conveniences
  • Culinary Experiences and Social Spaces:
    • Start your day right with a hearty Full English Breakfast, a traditional delight of the region
    • Savour Afternoon Teas, or relax with a drink on the terrace, all while being enveloped by panoramic views
    • The restaurant and bar provide social and dining hubs, where both hotel guests and non-residents are warmly welcomed
  • Engaging and Helpful Staff:
    • A team dedicated to enhancing your stay, offering valuable insights and recommendations for exploring Scarborough
  • A Blend of Relaxation and Activity:
    • Just under a 10-minute stroll to the nearest beach and a short walk further to the bustling Scarborough town centre
    • Offering an occasional evening entertainment for those looking to mingle and enjoy the vibrant hotel atmosphere
  • Flexible Event and Meeting Spaces:
    • A variety of adaptable spaces ideal for hosting meetings, events, or special occasions against a scenic backdrop
  • Consistent Positive Experiences:
    • A location highly rated by couples, scoring an impressive 8.8 for two-person trips
    • Known for its loyalty amongst guests, with many choosing to return for subsequent stays

A Stay Woven with Comfort, Exploration, and Memorable Moments

The Esplanade Hotel invites you to a world where your Scarborough stories are painted with the hues of historic towns, vibrant landscapes, serene seas, and a hospitality that seamlessly intertwines comfort and adventure, all while delighting in a feast of flavours from dawn to dusk.

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