Walk: Hornsea Mere

in Hornsea

Hornsea‘s freshwater lake, the largest in Yorkshire, and it’s wildlife is the backdrop for this lovely little local easy walk.

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Walk Description

Spanning an impressive two miles in length and nearly three-quarters of a mile across, Hornsea Mere reigns as the region’s grandest freshwater lake, serving as a stunning canvas for your walking adventure. This idyllic location is more than just scenic—it’s a thriving habitat for a myriad of freshwater fish and distinctive bird species, such as tufted ducks and goldeyes.

As you traverse the path, you’ll find your senses awakened by the perfect blend of lush woodlands and serene waterscapes. Pay attention to the subtle rustlings and melodies of nature; you might be graced by the presence of a reed warbler singing its tune at the water’s edge.

To round out this unforgettable experience, a charming café is strategically situated along your route. It’s the perfect spot to recharge with a hot cup of coffee or treat the little ones to a scoop of sumptuous ice cream.

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